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How your ToK Exhibition writer will help achieve your target grade

Understanding the Rubric

After the brief recap on the basics of the Theory of Knowledge, you must understand the ToK exhibition rubric listed under the assessment instruments. We help you grasp the evaluation processes and how the assessment is marked. This will place you in a better position to score high marks in your exhibition.

Picking your IA prompt or Knowledge question

With a list of 35 IA prompts, it’s easy to get lost in words. Now that we have helped you understand the basics present in the rubric, it’s time we help you pick a suitable IA prompt. This prompt is critical as it links with the three objects and helps you relate your theory of knowledge to the real world.

Pick objects that relate to the knowledge question

With 35 knowledge questions at your disposal, you should pick at least three objects that are related to one IA prompt. The most suitable step is picking your knowledge question first, as illustrated earlier, and then choosing your three objects. This will help you relate the prompt with the objects easily. You are expected to think outside the box for your ToK Exhibition. Our writers can help you pick unique objects and discuss them in the commentary.

Examiners expect you to pick objects that align with your chosen core theme. While picking a single object can look easy for you, having three objects that match your theme is not a walk in the park. This calls for better planning around the core theme or other alternative themes. The optional themes revolve around technology, politics, religion, knowledge, language, and indigenous societies. While you may not stick to a single theme, having an overall eagle eye assists you in narrowing down your objects and bringing up one overarching idea that is mirrored across your objects. This implies that you can have a common theme under different branches. The branches can be history, art, mathematics, natural, or even human sciences. You can utilize many AoKs; however, stick to one theme. It allows you to explore your IA prompt and get the best grade.

Remember that a ToK Exhibition illustrates how you relate knowledge to the real world. In such a case, you should be personal and try to relate the IA prompt to your experiences and interests. If you are stuck, our IB writers can help you get creative and score high marks. Besides ToK Exhibition writing services, we also specialize in other areas, including assessment help, essay assistance, and other customized writing services listed below;

A quick recap of ToK Exhibitions

First, completing your ToK exhibition is essential for your grade as it represents one-third of your overall grade. Second, ToK exhibition is an internal assessment. Third, as a student, you are expected to pick an IA prompt from a selection of 35 options. This is constant for each exam as 3 objects are picked for the exhibition. Students must be able to demonstrate the correlation or relationship between the three chosen objects and the handpicked IA prompt to score high marks. Additionally, students need to have a core theme addressed by the three objects. Our IB writers will help you put this piece of writing together and get you a top mark. Apart from ToK exhibitions, you can contact us for ToK essay help, assessments help and customized papers across other disciplines listed below.


Our Assessment Essay Writers can help you avoid the following common mistakes in a ToK Exhibition

Generalized ToK Exhibition objects

Your objects should not appear vague. Instead, they should be specific and straight to the point. One of the rules that our writers apply when selecting a ToK object is ‘if you can replace the object within another one like it,’ it means that your object is not specific enough and qualifies to be generic. Using this rule, our assessment writers help you discern generalized objects from suitable ones.

ToK Exhibition Objects that don’t arouse your interest

We all agree that having no interest in an object can adversely influence how you discuss it in your paper. It’s no-brainer that you will dedicate less time to research and cannot easily relate the object to the theme or knowledge questions. Our company recommends using objects you are interested in to help you explore the various perspectives.

Avoid objects that you cannot cite properly

The IB program states that all assessments should have a proper citation to credit the original author of an idea and uphold academic integrity. Where critical information is missing, and you are unable to credit the author, it is advisable to leave out such an object. Even if an object has a long history and is unclear on its original date, make sure you can cite it properly. Selecting the right topic should not be a stressor. Our writers at Assessment Essay Writers can help you pick the right topic and compile a catchy, professional commentary that is proficient on all grounds.

Assessment Essay Writers can help write a ToK Exhibition commentary

After selecting an IA prompt and choosing your objects, what could be your next step? Writing a commentary consisting of 950 maximum words is cumbersome as you must relate every object to the knowledge question and core theme. Our assessment writers can help you fix your ToK exhibition overnight or within a short time.

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Can I get to communicate with my assessment writer?

Yes, we support communication between clients and writers. We forward all your messages with order details to a writer to ensure you get the best service. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question on progress, new instructions, or a point of clarification. We will communicate with the writer in time and give appropriate feedback within a short time.

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Yes, we are a legit company that offers writing services to our esteemed clients. We earn from genuine hard work and ensure our clients score good grades for their classes. We are delighted to take every step of your schoolwork with you.

How long does ToK Exhibition Writing take?

Assessment Essay writers has different timelines to guide you on when you can expect your paper. However, we understand in some cases, a paper may be remaining with a few hours before the deadline. In such a case, our writers will deliver a quality paper within your specified deadline. We are also open to working on overnight papers and short and long deadline orders.

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Yes, we reward loyal clients with numerous discounts and offers. Our website has different packages that ensure a win-win situation for our clients and the company. For first-time clients, we offer a discount after they place an order with us. For our loyal clients, we give discounts after placing the 5th order and ensure clients get to save a lot of money for quality papers.