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    • Our Identity

      Assessment Essay Writers is an educational platform that allows clients to interact with independent professional writers capable of delivering quality essays, articles, research, papers, and other items. Therefore, we create an enabling environment where clients can work with writers on projects and pay them for their work.

      Our Processes


      T&C or “Terms & Conditions imply the rules that govern how this website, Assessment Essay Writers, can be used. Please go through the T&C carefully.

      Accessing and using our website implies that you are of legal age and agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

      IF in a jurisdiction that bans the use of our services. We are not liable for any cases that could happen as a result of using our services through VPNs and other mechanisms of masking IP addresses. We may restrict such regions from accessing our services if we see fit. We also have the right to close and terminate any accounts that violate T&C.

      “Website” implies the cumulative webpages at Assessment Essay Writers and available subdomains.

      “services” implies tasks such as essays, research papers, dissertations, experiments, and many other papers requested by our clients.

      “We” “us” or “our” means Assessment Essay Writers.

      “Client” “you” or “user” implies an individual or an establishment that has created an account with us and has accepted T&C. This is in regards to placing orders, transferring payments, revisions, and many other processes.

      “Account” implies a setting where a client has registered with us and reserves the right to access that particular space using their username and password.

      “Writer” is a professional contracted by us to provide research and writing services guided by our terms.

      “Order” entails an electronic request by the clients. It’s a paid service, and the client determines their requirements. It is submitted electronically, and the term “order” captures these processes and requirements entirely.

      “Product” is the end result of an order. It is a written product, should observe originality, and comes in an electronic form described by the client.

      “Client’s instructions, materials, or Information” represents the information presented by a client to our website for reference purposes.

      Registration process

      While registering with us, consider using a valid email. This will help us contact you when an emergency arises. Failure to use a valid email is contravening against our T&C.

      We also recommend that you keep your password private.

      Ordering process

      • We do not charge any fees for placing your order. However, we recommend having a sufficient store or wallet balance to sustain completing your order.
      • The store or wallet balance can only be released to the writer by you after satisfying that your order was successfully completed. In orders that require milestones, a faction of the payment can only be deducted 14 days after your order is assigned to reimburse the writer. This will be determined by the number of pages they will complete by then. Again, you will have a chance to scrutinize the paper before releasing payment.
      • Any direct communication between clients and writers is highly discouraged. Instead, you can communicate with our support, and we will get the message to the writer. We are available all around the clock.
      • After placing your order and recharging your store balance if it was running low. We selected the most suitable and experienced writer to handle your job. If you have further instructions, we recommend you communicate within the first 20 minutes. This ensures that the writer incorporates the new instructions in your task, and we assess the requirements, too.
      • Consider regularly refreshing your messages and emails. This is because we will constantly communicate with you on any need for further instructions and clarification and update you if your product is ready to download. We discourage sharing personal information with the writer; such accounts will be contaminated or terminated. This ensures we protect the clients from scamming, which is rampant in unregulated settings.
      • We also provide job status to clients and writers. When a client places an order, it is fresh and not assigned. When we assign a writer, it will read “assigned” and “preparing” or “in progress.” When a writer has submitted it, it will read “approved,” and when a client accepts the order, it will read “completed.” In case of revisions, it will read “editing.” Other status includes “declined” and “canceled by client.” Our support is also available to help clients with job status all day long.

      Paying for your order

      • Placing an order with us is free. You are also free to recharge your account or balance at any time of the day, week, or month. However, we ask that you recharge your account in good time so writers can start working on your project immediately. When placing an order, we will provide you with an invoice that shows the total number of pages, urgency, level of education, type of paper, and the discounted price. You can use this guide to make your payment.
      • Payments from your store balance or account can only be released by you after scrutinizing the paper and deeming it satisfactory. In other instances where a paper has various phases or milestones, payments are auto-released after 14 days, guided by where the writer has reached and if the client is satisfied with the progress. The order is also autocancelled, and the client has to authorize us to continue.
      • In case you have deposited money with us and wish to discontinue our services, we will refund your account balance at your request. It will take 3-6 business days to refund the amount. Refer to the refund policy for more information.
      • You are liable for paying taxes related to services, such as value-added taxes, according to your jurisdiction. In other circumstances, we may be coerced to bill some taxes to comply with regulations associated with your location where applicable. Be aware of income tax rules under your jurisdiction.

      Processing an order

      • Each order volume a client places is measured using the number of pages. A standard page has 275 double-spaced words. In special cases, we can deliver 300 double-spaced words subject to scrutiny by our team. In case our product goes below or beyond the specific word or page count, clients can complain about the mismatch, and our writers will have to correct it.
      • Clients are free to change order details. However, it should be within a few minutes after they have placed the order. If the changes alter the volume of words, a client will be required to pay for more pages.
      • Clients should pinpoint specific resources to be utilized. They should communicate and also avail them to the writer.
      • We encourage client communication to our support by all means. In case of any issue, clients should feel free to interact with us.
      • Clients can keep track of their orders through their user account. They can also opt to communicate with support about their orders. We are available all day long.
      • Once an order has progressed to the last stage, processes such as cancellation and refunds are not possible. Clients should contact support in such cases.

      Delivering an order

      • Our company is liable for product delivery and not meeting deadlines specified in the instructions.
      • Clients are liable to ensure that the channels of delivery are working. This includes emails and having internet to download products from our channel. If a client provides an invalid email, we are not accountable in such a case. In case of power surges, internet outages and delays, and client negligence, we are not accountable for factors beyond our control.
      • Clients should download a product and consider factors such as time and deadlines. We are not responsible if a client fails to download a product on time.
      • For other guidelines, consider checking the refund policy for clarity.

      Asking for revisions

      • We are open to revision, and clients will not be charged for the same.
      • However, if instructions change compared to the initial instructions and the order requires a total change, we reserve the right to ask for more pages and payments.
      • In a case where a writer fails to follow initial instructions, the revisions will be free.
      • We also reserve the right to limit revisions if a client is abusive or exploits the writer with unreasonable demands.


      • We are guided by the client’s requirements in terms of deadlines, volume of words required, and other instructions. In case our company violates a client’s requirement, we are bound to refund the client cash, guided by our refund policy.

      Products Usage

      • When a client has made payments for a product, it symbolizes an agreement that the client will use the product for personal purposes, not for business or commercial purposes. The payment means that you appreciate the time, energy, and effort the writer has put into researching a paper. It also sustains product delivery processes. However, it does not imply you reproduce copies of the same and use them over the internet, whether in soft or hard copies.

      Originality/ Plagiarism

      Where a client orders with us or makes payment for a final product, He or she agrees to the following;

      • We are entitled to cancel, terminate, or reconsider an agreement with individuals who use products as their original work. This involves reproducing copies and distributing them over the internet for commercial purposes, whether in soft or hard copies. Our research helps or guides clients to produce their work by following our model. We wish to inspire clients with ideas, and our work cannot be utilized as a substitute for your draft. On this note, we discourage academic fraud, plagiarism, and dishonesty.
      • We are entitled to cancel or revoke any pending agreements with a client if we find out they have distributed products all over the internet. If you are inconsistent with our terms, we will cease delivering products as per our agreement with you.
      • Lastly, neither this site nor our researchers are liable for irresponsible use of products. This includes copyright issues, unethical and unauthorized use of products resulting in dire consequences such as lawsuits, expulsion, suspension, withdrawal of scholarships, poor grading, or any other disciplinary or legal action.

      Security/ Privacy

      Kindly consider visiting our privacy page for more information on how we secure client’s information, including personal data and transactions.

      Account registration and security

    • Clients are required to stay responsible for their passwords and avoid sharing them with other parties.
    • At the point of registration, we require a client to provide a valid email address and create a password.
    • Clients are also liable for all activities in their accounts, including authorizing payment where it is not automated. Therefore, should you share your password, you can change it by visiting your profile.

    • If you find it challenging to remember your password, you can click here, and a link to change your password will be provided.

    Termination and suspension of use

    Clients are invited to use this site for personal and non-commercial use only. Termination of use may happen in case of the following;

    • Violation of terms regarding to use of products.
    • The use of abusive language amounts to harassment, defamation, and threats. This is unlawful.
    • Interfering or disrupting other user’s experiences on our website.
    • Breaching copyright laws amounts to losses.
    • Directly contacting the writer without the right using the right channels.

    Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

    • We retain full copyrights of our products. However, we grant you a non-exclusive license to use the product for personal use after payment.
    • By paying, you agree to use the product for personal use. You agree not to distribute, publish, or transmit the product purporting it’s your own unless you have written consent.
    • You are liable for losses from unauthorized use of a product or materials from this site.
    • Clients are liable for any materials they supply to us, including sources or reading materials. If they infringe copyright laws or IRPs or violate any law, clients will be held responsible for such losses.
    • We own all files on the website. Unless clients are granted access by our terms, the intellectual property rights to content on the site are owned by us.
    • Lastly, we are not obligated to provide clients with sources such as e-books or article journals in their entirety. However, we may deliver excerpts available in the products for reference.


    We are not liable if any of the following scenarios happen;

    • The site exists in its current version, and we cannot guarantee that it will fulfill all your expectations. In case your phone or laptop doesn’t support relevant, innovative tech, we are sorry you may not be able to access our site or some of our services.
    • You can access this site through the World Wide Web. However, this doesn’t place the platform under our control. Therefore, you still bear responsibility for laws governing the World Wide Web under your jurisdiction.
    • We are not held into account for any amendments we make along the way. We make such amendments in the best interests of all parties.
    • In case you access third-party links on our website, we are not liable for any losses. We believe the terms and conditions of such websites bind you, and you should conduct due diligence before engaging with such platforms.
    • We are also not liable for situations beyond our control, such as power outages, printing errors, internet delays, damaged phones or laptops, injuries resulting from the use of our service, and many more factors that may affect a client such that they may not get their file in time.
    • Lastly, we guarantee your statutory rights as a client provided by the law. Therefore, none of our disclaimers limits our client’s efforts to get justice.


    • Unless otherwise directed, all notices from you should be directed to our support team through messaging mechanisms available on our site.
    • We are also responsible for reaching you through the website, your provided email, or your personal order page.


    • We reserve the right to make amendments at any given time. This includes changing the information on our web pages and permanently or temporarily limiting the access of various pages, databases, or services without notification to you or other parties involved. In any case, we can update you on any changes that impact commercial reasons.
    • Lastly, we reserve the right to update our terms at any time. However, in this case, we will update you through your provided email. Such terms include asking for revisions, refunds, and so forth.