Refund Policy

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We endeavor to deliver products or services that match your criteria, deadline, and other specifications. In case we cannot meet your demands, you can claim full or partial refunds going by this refund policy.

We review each refund separately, as each case may be unique. In some instances, we might choose to deviate from the refund policy and devise a customized solution that meets the interests of our writing company and our client. Some of the situations may be unique and may not be covered under this policy. Therefore, our teams work alongside the client to resolve the matter.

Our refund policy is applicable in the following situations.

  • In case an order was not assigned and was not in progress. In this case, a client is entitled to a 100% refund from their wallet or balance account.
  • A refund is applicable when a client has decided to cancel an order. In this case, if a writer was already assigned and the order was in progress, we may have to deduct 20% to reimburse the writer, and the client is entitled to the remaining 80%.
  • A refund is applicable when we miss the deadline, and it’s all our fault. This means that we were not waiting for further instructions from the client. Such cases are unique, and we resolve them with each client.
  • A refund is applicable when a client is not satisfied with the quality of work. Our system allows us to deliver drafts as we work on a final file. Therefore, you will only get to release funds after you are satisfied with our products. In any case, where you change your mind afterward, a refund may not be applicable. In a unique case, our team will work with you to find a solution.
  • A refund is available if a client pays for the same order twice. If a client has placed the same order twice and pays twice, we will assume they wanted two copies unless they cancel one order.
  • A refund is available when a client gets a failing grade and proves it. We can also opt for free revisions to resolve the matter.
  • A refund policy is available where our work has more than 30% plagiarism, which affects originality. However, this is not the case with templates or rewrites and edits.
  • Our refund policy does not apply to tips.
  • In case of any other unique cases, please contact our team at

No refund policy is applicable if

  • An order was successfully completed, and money was released to the writer.
  • In case we deliver a product at the right time, and the client fails to download it.
  • Suppose a client has a lower mark for their grade. This is personal and subjective.
  • If an instructor caught a client using our service.
  • In case a client claims plagiarism but doesn’t have proof or a report.
  • Cases where clients claim they are not satisfied without solid proof.
  • Services involving VIP support, best writers, outlines, and abstracts. This does not mean the entire order but the specific additional service.

Unclaimed store balances

We encourage all our clients to utilize their balances within the year. Unclaimed balances will last for 275 days after a client deposits their money. In case your account has some balance, we will notify you throughout the year. In case it remains unused and unclaimed after the 275-day lapse, it’s annulled. The question as to whether your balanced can be restored afterward can be resolved by our team in special cases.

Processing fee

After a refund request is approved, we will process it within 4-5 working days. However, our clients should not know that this company will not be liable for bank fees, processing time, or delays during money transfers. Again, we will channel the refund through the original method of payment.