Privacy policy

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We take the clients’ privacy with a lot of seriousness. Thus, we have up-to-date measures to ensure clients enjoy their user experience while also guaranteeing their security. These policies navigate around data collected by Assessment Essay writers. We aim to make sure that client’s personal information, conversations, and transactions remain confidential as they interact with our site. Below are some of the guidelines of our privacy policy.

Our terms and conditions are updated frequently to enhance clients’ experience and guarantee online safety.

  • We do not share client’s information with third parties.
  • We have no storage for information on credit/debit cards. This information is not collected, shared, or sold to third parties.
  • We only use personally identifiable information from our clients as a way of telling their user experience and contacting them. This includes emails, contacts, country of origin, age, and other pieces of information voluntarily offered by the clients.
  • Once we complete a paper, we transfer the right of ownership to our clients, and they can use it for research purposes and guidance. Under this process, we keep all the information confidential.
  • Any information on debit cards, master cards, and any other form of payment is confidential. We neither share such information with third parties nor store such information in our directories.
  • Lastly, our site utilizes cookies for various purposes, including improving the user experience of our clients. Therefore, granting us access to cookies is harmless, and in case you are not comfortable with it, you can ignore the pop-up.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • PII includes age, country of origin, client name, emails, contacts, and other pieces of information voluntarily submitted by the client.
  • We do not share such information with other people or third parties.
  • We use this information to enhance user experiences. For instance, contacts and emails are used to contact clients.

Anonymity or Non-PII data

  • This includes the history of our clients when interacting with our site. We guarantee an anonymous usage history.
  • At some point, we might make use of the client’s IP address to diagnose problems with servers or for marketing campaigns. However, we insist that this does not breach anonymity as the client’s IP address does not fall under PII.