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Personal statements that give an account of your experiences, achievements, interests, objectives, or goals. In such a case, students tend to overthink as their chance to join the school of their dreams hangs in the balance.

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At Assessment Essay Writers, we don’t just write a paper and leave it for the client to proofread the work. Our in-house arrangement ensures your paper is of top quality and will earn you marks on the first trial. Unlike other sites with low-quality papers, we review your paper several times before submitting it. We check if the paper fully meets all the instructions if the grammar is on point, and if there are areas of improvement.

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At Assessment Essay Writers, we offer you a chance to assign the best or top writers. At a fair rate, these writers will dedicate their time to ensure your paper is A-level. Of course, we also give you the freedom to pick your writer from a pool of professional writers suited to offer academic guidance.

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Top-quality personal statements

As our company, we believe in offering quality papers. Therefore, we use a variety of research tools to build content for your papers. We have invested in various libraries to help us gain access to research materials to build rich content.

What we consider when offering our custom personal statement writing service

The reason you are applying for college

We consider the sole purpose of a college application essay to impress and showcase your skills, knowledge, understanding, and ambitions to the admission tutors. Therefore, we help you identify your personal and practical skills to create a unique impression of your identity. We use your achievements, interests, and skills to explain why you will be successful as a student and in your career in the future.

Are your previous studies relevant to the application

We connect or bridge your previous studies with your current interests. This helps prove your enthusiasm for your present study. Similarly, relating to your previous studies helps us prove or showcase your skills and current knowledge. Therefore, we are able to communicate how you will build on existing knowledge by joining a university or a course.

Presenting your interest

A college admission essay is unique as it does not dwell in your grades. It allows showcasing other items such as skills, achievements, and experiences outside a classroom context. Therefore, we take this chance to show your passion and interests. This helps bring out who you really are. Here, we can explore your talents, hobbies, livelihood, and volunteering experiences that are relevant to the course you wish to undertake. Using our guidance, we can help you create an impressive personal statement.

Including evidence that shows your skills

It is easy to get caught up in creativity and forget to add evidence to back up your claims. Presenting us a part of your curriculum vitae can help us present your abilities. Remember, universities are keen to know your relevant experiences on the course or life at a university. Therefore, we purpose to include bold statements about your achievements, talk about your job or volunteer positions, and describe the relevant responsibilities both in and out of the classroom context. Even when describing your future interests, aspects such as your placement, voluntary work, or job details are essential.

Concluding your personal statement

Just like the opening part of the personal statement, concluding your paper is also essential. The conclusion should reinforce your ideas and give the admission tutors a memorable aspect about you. Here, we can help you create a strong conclusion that creates a lasting impression on the reader.

Wondering where to get personal statement writing help?

Getting worked up about where to start with your personal statement? Don’t hesitate to reach us for personal statement help. Our writers will gladly execute your instructions. First, we will ask you to provide your educational background, your experiences, and future aspirations. This will help us customize your paper to match your objectives. We will guide you in understanding the following concepts about a personal statement;

What is a personal statement?

Every undergraduate gets a chance to impress the admission tutors and get noticed for their unique experiences and talents. It is an essential part of the application process and provides you a chance to present information about yourself, your interests, goals, and achievements different from your grades. We understand working on your personal statement may be overwhelming. However, you can ask for help from our competent writers and create an impressive piece. Remember, admission teams have a lot of papers to check within a short time. That said, giving them more reasons to keep on reading your college admission essay makes you stand out.

Preparing your personal essay

Are you familiar with one of the popular phrases ‘preparation is key to success?” It is no different when handling a college admission essay. Two aspects are captured during planning, the factual information you wish to get across and the emotional bit where you stand out for things like your interests, passion, and zeal. Therefore, before embarking on writing your paper, make sure you create a few notes on things you wish to communicate to the admission tutors. Similarly, you can look at the college or course requirements and description to guide you on the best ideas for your paper. At this stage, our writers can also intervene. You can present us with your ideas, and we can incorporate them into your paper. Besides that, we can help you develop your paper by answering the following information.

  • Why did you pick this course?
  • What’s your area of interest?
  • Are your previous credentials and experiences relevant to the course?
  • What are your real-life experiences related to the course?
  • What are your achievements?
  • What are your skills and strengths that make you fit for the course?
  • What are your future plans to succeed in your career?

How to get started on your personal statement

It is critical that you get started with an attention grabber. This is because admission tutors have a lot of work at hand, and you need to have them interested when reading your paper right from the start. Similarly, it would be best if you remembered that a personal statement should have around 4000 characters, translating to 450-500 words. This implies that you should make your points using a few words. Here are a few tips you can use to start your personal statement.

  • Avoid overthinking the opening. Stay simple and show your objectives, achievements, knowledge, and ambitions.
  • Avoid cliches. Remember, the opening should be an attention grabber and should introduce your ideas to the admission tutors.
  • Stay brief and simple. Remember, your word count is limited. Therefore, avoid long-winded explanations that take lots of words.

In case you are unfamiliar with how to write a personal statement, consider asking us for assistance. At Assessment Essay Writers, we are at the helm of competitive websites that help and mentor students to achieve their academic goals. Our writers will briefly introduce your personal statement, build on body paragraphs, and conclude the paper. Our personal statement writing help covers the following subjects:

Tips to writing a personal statement

Personal statement opening sentence

Do not waffle nor play around with words for your personal statement opening statement. State your interest in your studies and what your application is all about. For instance, a Northwestern application essay should state one’s interest in media and politics and why one is enthusiastic about it. Your opening sentence should also be short.

How long should a personal statement be?

Do not be distracted by the ambiguity of some instructions, as they generally ask you to present your interest, experience, and skills. The personal essay should be around 2-3 pages. Therefore, you should be precise and avoid lengthy sentences, too.

Catchy personal statement opening

Do not overthink. Keep the personal statement opening paragraph simple. For instance, a nursing personal statement’s opening lines can start with phrases such as “ As long as I remember, I have always been interested…” “ From a tender age…” These are some of the common phrases used in a personal statement opening.

Personal statement opening and closing

A personal statement closing should be just as brief as the opening. Here, a student applicant should summarize their ideas, interests, and achievements. Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion part, as well.

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Can I access personal statement examples?

Sure, our website offers a wide variety of samples. Request a sample and get a glimpse of what is a personal statement and how to write a strong personal statement. We have tackled numerous essays including Northwestern Application Essays.

How long is a personal statement?

A personal statement is not supposed to be lengthy. It takes around 4000 characters, which translates to around 450 to 500 words. The opening of the personal statement should be well articulated with a few words, while the body and conclusion should offer sufficient information and a conclusive statement.

How do I structure a personal statement?

Start by introducing yourself and your reasons for picking a course or subject. Your history or past studies that are relevant to your application should follow. Write down your experiences that relate to the subject you have chosen. Consider including your interests and various responsibilities and relate them to your course. Lastly, explain your future after your studies and conclude your paper. We can help you complete your personal statement in time if you are stuck between the concepts.

Can I get a personal statement at a discounted fee?

Yes, if it is your first order or you have placed multiple orders with us, you are entitled to a discount. This is to ensure you can save a few bucks for next time.