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Assessment Essay Writers is your premium website for all your IB extended essay writing needs. Our team of experienced writers is devoted to providing quality IB essays tailored to your specific requirements. We have writing expertise to deliver exceptional work on any discipline that is the basis of your extended essay. Clients favor us for;

Timely deliveries


Minimal need for revision or no revision at all


Approximately 275 words


Our 'Extended Essay IB Writing help' Perk

Short deadlines

Wondering if you can write an extended essay in one day? Of course, it’s going to get your head rolling, and you will have burnout at the end of the day. It is achievable if you are good at research and have studied well. Alternatively, you can try our IA IB writers. They are well-versed in extended essay ib writing and will fix your work within hours for an affordable price.

Original extended essays

No originality fears

We are aware of the implications of a plagiarized paper or a paper written using artificial intelligence. It can adversely affect your grades and set you on a disciplinary path. Our Ib writers are committed to ensuring your paper is original and has a human touch. We also keep our promise of providing plagiarism, and AI reports upon completing an assignment.

Affordable extended essay

Affordable extended essays

Our extended essay help comes at a cheap rate to help clients save their hard-earned money. Our prices are competitive and inclusive of additional services such as free revisions, plagiarism reports, free extended essay formatting, cover pages, and a bibliography. We are also aware of the need to have supporting documents and footnotes for your extended essay. Our IB writers will handle it with no extra charges.

Our custom IB extended essay writing services

At Assessment Essay Writers, we understand the importance of submitting a well-written IB extended essay. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you achieve your academic goals, be it in Studies in Language and Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, Individuals and Society, or The Arts. Here are some of the ways we can assist you:

1. Custom IB Extended Essay Writing

We can write your IB extended essay from scratch based on your specific requirements and guidelines. Our experienced writers will conduct thorough research and craft high-quality essays that exceed the required academic standards.

2. IB Extended Essay Editing and Proofreading

If you’ve already written your IB extended essay but want to ensure it’s polished and error-free, we can help. Our expert editors will revise your paper, ensuring it’s free from grammatical and spelling errors and conforms to academic formatting guidelines.

3. Assistance with IB Extended Essay

If you need help with specific aspects of writing your IB extended essay, our team of experts is here to assist you. From picking an extended essay topic to creating an outline, conducting research, and writing the final draft, we can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Whether you need us to write your IB extended essay from scratch, revise your existing essay, or provide guidance and assistance, we’re here to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Unmatched skills and expertise in IB Extended Essay Writing

At Assessment Essay Writers, our writers are the backbone of our service. We pride ourselves on having a pool of expert writers knowledgeable and experienced in writing excellent IB extended essays.

Our writers are graduates of top universities and have the needed skills and expertise to deliver high-quality work. They are well-versed in the requirements and expectations of IB extended essays and have a track record of producing exceptional work that help IB students earn top grades.

Moreover, our writers are committed to providing personalized attention to your unique needs and requirements. They will work with you to understand or develop your research questions, incorporate your input, and develop a detailed outline and execution plan to ensure that your extended essay meets the highest academic standards.

By entrusting your IB extended essay to our expert writers, you can be confident that you will receive a human-generated, 100% original, and customized paper that adheres fully to your unique requirements and surpasses the expectations of both you and your supervisors. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert writers can help you achieve academic excellence.

For IB essay writing services, Assessment Essay Writers will provide writing assistance on the following groups of subjects that the International Baccalaureate approves.

  • English, Chemistry, Business and management, Dance, Computer science
  • Biology, Design Technology, Film, Environmental systems and societies
  • Economics, Geography, Global Politics, Music, Information technology in a Global society
  • Literature and performance, Psychology, History, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics
  • Social and cultural anthropology, Sports, exercise, and health science
  • World religions, Theatre, Visual arts

More about our extended essay IB writing service

Who will write the ib extended Essay for You?

Assessment Essay Writers has a team of expert writers  ready to write the essay for you and according to your specifications. Based on your chosen topic, we ensure that we assign the most qualified writer to do the work. However, you can choose the writer from our website by visiting our writers’ page. You can choose based on the reviews a writer has been given.

Assessment Essay Writers is very strict on our writers’ quality. We assess them often to make sure they maintain some specialized skills. These skills include the following.

  • Good researchers – our writers should possess premium research skills. Writing IB essays requires a lot of research on the given topic. Hence, being a good researcher is a paramount skill that a writer must possess.
  • Creative – writing requires a lot of creativity, so every writer that we hire must portray a sense of creativity.
  • Coherent – most of our writers are native speakers of English, and thus, they have a good command of the English language. They can structure their paragraphs and sentences in a coherent manner and within the stipulated guidelines for formatting an extended essay ib.
  • Originality – every writer must produce plagiarism-free essays. We always demand that our writers be authentic and original in their writing.
  • Punctual – we don’t entertain late submission of work. Every writer must submit work done within the agreed deadline.
  • Confidential – our writers will always treat your work with utmost privacy. No details will ever be shared with a third party.

Why do we help write IB extended essays?

Writing an extended essay assessment is an important academic undertaking for any student. At Assessment Essay Writers, we know that writing a high-quality Extended Essay is daunting. A task that must be taken all the time seriously. A student is required to follow a set of strict rules and guidelines.

More so, the student is required to portray a high level of organization and idea development when writing an IB essay. Therefore, a student thinking of writing an IB extended essay should have a substantial amount of know-how on the subject matter, or, at a minimum, the student should possess high-quality research skills. Furthermore, writing an extended essay ib is time-consuming, but our assessment writers can come to your rescue.

For these reasons, most students will prefer getting some assistance from a professional writing service such as Assessment Essay Writers to help them write an ib extended essay that meets all the requirements. We help you write your extended essay ib to save you time and time that you can use to do other academic-related activities and, therefore, help you learn faster.

The Ib extended essay writing services we offer

When a student is preparing for an extended essay ib assessment, they should choose an extended essay topic on which the essay will be based. The topic of choice must be chosen from a group of subjects accepted by the IB program. Choosing a good topic can be a big challenge for most students. We encourage you to consult widely for extended essay topics. On this note, we offer free consultations where we answer the following queries;

What is the minimum word count for the extended essay?

This is a common question for students seeking to understand how many words is an extended essay. Such students seek guidance about extended essay length. The extended essay IB assessment has a maximum word count of 4000 words, which translates to around 14 pages when using a 250-word count per page. This is the extended essay word limit, while the minimum word count should be less 10% of the maximum word count, which is around 3800 words.

Write my extended essay for me?

This is a common question for our support, and the answer to this query is yes. We do help students write ib extended essays. Our assessment essay writers are well-versed with extended essay requirements. We can help you format your extended essay cover page. We help students tackle various subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, English, History, Economics, environmental systems, and societies, to mention a few.

A Proven Writing Process for High-Quality Extended Essays ib

At Assessment Essay Writers, we understand that a successful IB extended essay requires more than just excellent writing skills. That’s why we’ve developed a proven writing process that ensures the highest quality of work for every project. Our process involves several key steps:

Understanding the IB extended essay requirements

Before we start working on your essay, we carefully review the instructions provided by your teacher or professor. We take note of the required format, word count, citation style, and other important details.

Conducting thorough research

We know that research is critical to the success of an IB extended essay. That’s why our team of experienced writers conducts extensive research on your topic, using only reliable sources to gather the necessary information.

Choosing an ib extended essay ideas and topics

Once we understand the requirements and the research is complete, we help choose an extended essay title. This helps choose suitable ib extended essay ideas capable of scoring high.

Writing the ib extended essay

Our writers have a deep understanding of the IB curriculum and the extended essay requirements. They use their expertise and experience to craft an essay that meets all the necessary criteria and is of the highest quality.

Editing and proofreading extended essays

Once the essay is written, our editors review it to ensure that it’s error-free and meets our high standards for quality. We check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and ensure that the essay follows the required formatting and citation style.

Adding Ib Extended Essay support documents and having them as footnotes

For some of the extended essays, having supporting documents is a requirement. The supporting documents should be up to date, implying that they should not be over 3 years old. Our extended essay writers highlight the supporting documents’ relevant parts and use footnotes to illustrate where they are used in the paper.

Transparent Communication and Collaboration with Our Customers

We believe that clear communication and collaboration are essential to the success of any project. That’s why we keep our customers informed throughout the writing process. We provide regular updates on the progress of the essay and encourage our customers to provide feedback at every stage. This implies that the final product aligns with client expectations and requirements.

Overall, our writing process is designed to ensure that our customers receive high-quality essays that meet all the necessary criteria. We believe that our process, combined with the expertise of our writers and our commitment to transparency and collaboration, sets us apart from other IB extended essay writing services.

Why Choose Assessment EssayWriters to Write Your IB Extended Essay?

Listed below are some of the major reasons why most students choose us to write their IB essays.

Competitive extended essay ib pricing

When it comes to pricing, we offer some of the most competitive prices in the market. Although many factors will dictate the actual price of your IB essay, the length of the paper will be the first consideration. Other factors will determine the price. These will include and not be limited to the turnaround time.

If you want your IB extended essay written urgently, your charges escalate more than the normal rate. But, if you decide to buy an extended essay from us, you can attest to it that not many IB extended essay writing services will compete with us on price.

Note that we are very transparent about our pricing. There are no hidden costs to our services. You only make payments for what was agreed on when you purchased our services. So, you will never be invoiced for something you don’t know upfront.

Our extended essay writers are the most qualified

Most of our clients are referral clients, which means they appreciate our qualified writers’ work. We assure you that all our writers are top-notch. This is not by accident. Before we hire a writer, they must undergo a vigorous process of quality checks to ensure they are the type of writer we want. “We have a team of professionals” is how we can describe it in simple terms.

Timely delivery

We know that student assignments have deadlines. Therefore, our qualified writers will burn the midnight oil to make sure your deadline is met and quality is maintained. But to ensure this happens, we request all our customers to submit all the needed materials on time.

You get quality extended essays

Writing high-quality essays is what our experienced and vetted writers always endeavor to write. Whenever you order an IB essay with us, you should never worry about the quality of the paper that you will get. It will always be of high quality and original.

Free revision if one is needed

Although rare, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the service that you receive or your stipulated requirements were not met, we will always redo your IB essay at zero cost. Moreover, you can check our terms and conditions for more details on this.

Plagiarism-free services

We always check that your IB essay is the original work before sending it to you. We understand plagiarism is the greatest crime in any academic setting. We guarantee that your IB essay will be 100% original.

A great support system

Our support team works tirelessly 24/7, so you can reach us anytime for help or inquiries. You can chat or call us. Also, don’t hesitate to email us if you prefer using mail. We are always on standby to talk to you.

Secure payment system

Our payment methods utilize the best SSL encryption technology. We always ensure your information is kept safe and secure all the time. Without your written consent, we will never reveal any of your information to a third-party website.

Why Assessment Essay Writers is Legit and Why Students Trust Our Services?

  • Assessment Essay Writers has been offering extended essay writing services for a long time. We have assisted my students in passing their IB assignments, both the academically challenged and those who don’t have enough time to complete their assignments independently.
  • Most of the students who have ordered writing services from us have always referred their friends to us, which goes a long way to show that they were satisfied with the service they received.
  • We have received some of the best reviews from our clients.
  • We receive little or no complaints. We can achieve this because of a combination of many factors. First is the quality of our writers, who always ensure that all instructions are followed and quality is maintained. Second, we have a robust quality check department whose role is to ensure that everything is running smoothly

Elevate Your Academic Performance with Expert IB Extended Essay Writing Services

Your academic performance is paramount as a student pursuing an International Baccalaureate degree. An IB extended essay is a crucial component of your academic assessment, allowing you to demonstrate your research skills and critical thinking abilities.

However, crafting a high-quality extended essay is a challenging task that demands extensive research and proficient writing skills. Here at Assessment Essay Writers, we recognize the complexities involved in producing an exceptional IB extended essay, and our team of expert writers is well-equipped to help you achieve academic excellence.

By entrusting us with your essay, you can attest to it that receive a custom extended essay adapted to the unique requirements of the assignment, homework, or assessment. Moreover, we understand that affordability is a critical consideration for students. With these mind our charges are affordable and without  hidden charges. At Assessment Essay Writers, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional work promptly and within your budget.

Relax and watch the anguish of writing that extended essay disappear. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable and expert IB extended essay writing services and how we can help you elevate your academic performance to new heights.

Why Choose Us for Your IB Extended Essay?

When it comes to choosing a writing service for your IB extended essay, there are a lot of options out there. However, not all of them can guarantee the same level of quality and customer satisfaction as we can here at Assessment Essay Writers. We value your academic success and take pride in the work we do to help you achieve your goals.

Test our extended essay writers

Are you indecisive about hiring a writer to complete an extended essay? Test our extended essay writers today. Book your extended essay with us and witness a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you complete my extended essay?

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to completing your IB extended essay. That’s why we offer a range of turnaround options to suit your needs. You can choose the best deadline for you, whether it’s a few hours, the same day, a few days, or weeks. We always strive to deliver high-quality work quickly and within your chosen deadline.

How do I know that my extended essay is original?

We guarantee 100% originality in all of our essays. Our writers use reputable sources and take great care to ensure that your essay is completely plagiarism-free. Additionally, we have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to plagiarism.

Will my name be published on the website if I use your services?

No, we take the privacy of our clients very seriously. We do not publish our clients’ personal information on our website or share it with third parties. All interactions and transactions are kept confidential, and we use pseudonyms to refer to our clients in our internal communication. You are assured of privacy and confidentiality.

In what area will I most likely earn an A for my extended essay?

We understand that achieving the best grade for your extended essay is your top priority. That’s why our team of expert writers will work closely with you to identify the area where you are most likely to earn an A. Our writers have a deep understanding of the assessment criteria and will guide you toward an interesting topic with the potential for a high score. Additionally, we will provide feedback and revisions to guarantee high quality extended essays and meets all the requirements for a top grade. Our extended essay writers are committed to helping you achieve academic success.