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To ensure our clients are beaming with confidence once they place a paper with us, we offer free CUEGIS outlines. This arrangement ensures a client gets a glimpse of the paper and has an idea about their paper even before a final copy is written. Here, a client can contribute by changing examples that illustrate CUEGIS essay concepts.

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Our website has a wide variety of papers to familiarize clients with the various requirements IB instructors check. Therefore, if you are not sure about the structure of the CUEGIS essay, we can help you master your paper using an example as a guideline.

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We help you understand the CUEGIS essay criteria

The IB program requires a student to start a CUEGIS essay by understanding a question and picking an approach to answer it. One is required to discuss a business in depth to determine how the CUEGIS concepts apply. It creates a balance on how a company has benefited or suffered from the concepts.

We help you structure your CUEGIS essay paper

A CUEGIS essay should start with an introduction. Here, a student is supposed to give a brief background of a company. The background can be based on industry, scale, and other factors. Secondly, one should consider defining the CUEGIS concepts and develop a hypothesis that will help one answer the question throughout the essay. Below are some of the common topics we can help you tackle;

  • CUEGIS essay on McDonalds
  • CUEGIS essay on Tesla
  • CUEGIS essay on Nike
  • CUEGIS essay on Netflix
  • CUEGIS essay on Walmart etc.


Fine tune your essay

The second section involves the body paragraphs. Students are required to answer the question raised in the introduction. Here, we help you link the concepts to illustrations from the respective company. We identify significant experiences relevant to culture, ethics, globalization, innovation, and strategy. It is recommended to use at least three key terms recognized as keywords relating to the course and explain the effects on those impacted by a concept. For example, in the context of globalization as a concept, it is recommended to explain how a company perceives it and further illustrate steps taken to benefit from globalization and the gaps the specific firm has not addressed.

We can help you synchronize your conclusion

When concluding a CUEGIS essay, it is essential to consider stakeholders impacted by a concept discussed in the body paragraphs. A student should take time to address relevant stakeholders. Identify where stakeholders’ interests align and conflict. Similarly, a student should discuss the results of applying one or more CUEGIS concepts by a company. They should go ahead and evaluate the result as either a success or failure. If stuck, we can help you evaluate the results and conclude your IB CUEGIS paper.

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What is an IB CUEGIS essay?

Completing a CUEGIS essay is one of the requirements of college students pursuing business management. It accounts for 10% of the overall student’s grade, making passing your exams critical. Additionally, it requires a student to utilize concepts such as change, culture, ethics, globalization, innovation, and strategy in an existing business like Coca-Cola, KFC, Amazon, and many others.

How many pages should a CUEGIS essay take?

No rules guide the number of pages a CUEGIS essay should take. However, completing the paper should take approximately 4 pages, 1100 words. This word estimate ensures students have sufficient space to discuss and evaluate a business in depth. However, it’s a writer’s choice to adjust the word count guided by an instructor’s instructions.

What are the major concepts associated with the CUEGIS essay

A CUEGIS essay should be based on 6 concepts:

  • Change
  • Culture
  • Ethics
  • Globalization
  • Invitation
  • Strategy

The above concepts guide a CUEGIS essay. A student should also pick a well-known business such as Microsoft, McDonald, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Sony, KFC, and many others. They should define their concept and go ahead and explain how a business has utilized the concept. Lastly, students should identify benefits, failures, and areas of improvement that a business should undertake to maximize the concept. If you find connecting a CUEGIS  concept to a business challenging, consider consulting with us, and we will help you complete your CUEGIS essay.

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