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Torn between a position paper essay vs. an argumentative paper? We can help differentiate, define, and write each paper. An argumentative paper vs. position paper scenario commonly leaves more students confused. However, with a little help from professional writers at Assessment Essay Writers, students can understand their topics and get the best position papers.


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Many clients have concerns with the crop of writers who complete work just for the sake of it. It is unethical and demeans clients’ marks that could have shaped their grades and livelihoods. We take these concerns seriously and incorporate the ability to research and utilize research in papers as one of the writers’ hiring processes. When you order papers from us, expect well-researched assignments rich in content.

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In the contemporary world, controversial topics like cloning and abortion are widespread. These issues are evident in personal life, firms, and states. We can help you pick a suitable topic for your position paper. In this context, controversial issues exist because people have different opinions. Therefore, we pick a topic that shows your position about a particular issue. Feel free to check out our other custom services, including assessment writing, assignment help, homework assistance, etc.

What our position paper essay writing service is all about?

A position paper entails clarifying or picking one’s position about a controversial societal issue. This is easily said than done. Students have to be convincing to earn points for a position paper. If you are considering buying a position paper, we can guarantee you a quality one. Additionally, our writing service can help you in the following subjects.

Our assignment writers can assist you follow the position paper's structure

Create the best position paper introduction

We introduce your controversial issue and show your position in the introduction. Here, we also give suggestions and rationales for resolving the issue and provide several benefits associated with the solutions. A background then follows the introduction paragraph. We use level headings to show the various subsections. In the background section, we give the reader a historical account of the controversial issue and why it exists. Here, we also discuss the current status of the issue and the major players.

Analyze the alternative position in a position paper essay

The next subsection involves analyzing the alternative position. We critically look at the alternative position by explaining it and outlining the merits and demerits of taking this position. This gives the reader the impression that we have mastered our argument.

Justify the selected position in a position essay

Analyzing the alternative position is followed by justifying our position. Here, our professional writers help you support your claim. We base our argument on facts, research, and cite our work. We also mention the merits and demerits of a position to give the instructor a better view.

Create recommendations for a position essay

After justifying our position, we move to recommendations. We develop customized solutions that can resolve the issue based on our position. Lastly, we complete the paper by listing our sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a position paper essay?

A position paper entails clarifying one’s position about a particularly controversial issue in society. It could be about cloning, climate change, legalizing cannabis, voting, the death penalty, gun control, or any other topic. This paper allows students to support their position.

The position paper should range between 500 to 800 words. However, the instructor’s recommendations matter the most when tackling such papers.

Will I get an original position paper essay?

Yes, we guarantee original work at Assessment Essay Writers and assure clients that we will not use it elsewhere. We expand our commitment to providing free plagiarism reports when submitting work. A client can request a plagiarism report at will. We also credit other people’s work or ideas used in a paper. This helps avoid plagiarism and also improves the quality of the paper.

Argumentative paper vs. position paper essay?

To some extent, these papers share similarities. This is because they are all about arguable positions to convince a reader that one’s side of the story is genuine, stands, and is worth heeding. Some differences are evident in the scope and focus of the topic. For an argumentative essay, it’s easy for a student to tackle a wide range of issues within the topic to support their argument. However, one has to stick to a particular issue or concern for a position paper. Lastly, we can also observe some differences in the structure. For instance, a position paper has a recommendation section where students give solutions to the issue. On the other hand, an argumentative essay has a rebuttal or counterargument section where a student provides a point against their claim and rebuts it to show they have mastered their arguments.